Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Caden is going to have his 4th chemo treatment today. He has been throwing up at least 1X a day. Poor little guy, I feel so bad for him. I wish I could take away his pain. I think every mother feels that way when there child is sick. He has his happy moments through out the day. He loves when I talk and sing to him. Even though I might not have the best singing voice Caden still loves it. The nurses, Doctors and staff have been so good to us. This morning Caden's nurse saw me walking the hall for a while and asked me if she could take him for a while so I could get some sleep. At first I said, "no that is ok". About 10 minutes later I went out to the nurses station and asked her and she said, Sure I would love to hold him. They love babies around here. She said that alot of the babies that are here have to stay in there rooms in isolation. So when they get a chance to hold a baby they love it. I was able to sleep about 45 minutes, then I heard him crying. I went out there and I took him and he seemed to calm down a bit. All the nurses said he just wanted his mama. What he really wanted was some pain medicine. They gave him some morphine and that made him happy. Well we will see what today brings.

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