Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thoughts on Caden

Thank you everyone who has helped out our Family while Caden was in the hospital, it has truly meant the world to us. Things are very difficult at this time, and it is a real effort to hold together right now. We know that he is where he is needed right now and that he loves us, and we know we will be reunited with Caden when we pass on as well, we have incredible and the only possible lasting comfort from that knowledge. But it still does not take the wound away completely, I feel that the pain won't truly be healed until we are with Caden again and with our Family forever. Words cannot truly or accurately describe the depth of feelings both spiritual and temporal which flow through you at a time like this, having no other experience to compare it to, I feel there is a reason for all of this and intend on using this opportunity to draw closer to Caden and to Jesus Christ in those feelings and times in which words fail but the spirit and the depths of the heart do not. You pour your heart, spirit, love, wishes, hopes, dreams, and purpose into your children and something like this is very deeply affecting, but Caden still has all of those things with him from me and Jessica, this event does not change that. It will just be a day to day path back to him, it's not all downhill or uphill from here, but the presence of our loved ones around our family will help guide us down the path that ultimately leads back to him. There will be good days and there will be bad ones, I really believe I will be needing to visit with Caden a lot through prayer and through the Temple, he will continue to be an integral part of our Family in the years to come. Nothing in life focuses your purpose and literally everything you do as does the desire and goal for the true happiness of your children, either here on Earth or waiting patiently for you on the other side, the purpose is the same. We love you Caden and we know you love us, we are doing our best right now, please don't be too sad for us and the way we feel, we just miss you a lot right now but I promise it will get easier every day that passes, the closer it gets to seeing you again.

Tommy Johnson

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