Thursday, June 3, 2010


Caden had his 5th Chemo treament yesterday. He is throwing up more, 4 times yesterday. It really upsets him but Jessica and Tommy are right there to console him. What great parents they are!! I (Kathy) have been sick with a cold and haven't been able to be with Jessica during the day. I hope I get better real soon so I can go back up there to help her care for Caden and give her someone to visit with. Those are long days and nights at the hospital. Jessica got some cute pictures, we will add them soon. They still get some smiles from him from time to time. We sure love our Caden, its hard to see him going through this. Our emotions are like a roller coaster, but we are trying very hard to stay positive. I feel like everything is going to turn out wonderful for our little fellow!! He is as precious as they come, of course I am MIMI!!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I just found out about poor little Caden today. I will contiue to pray for him and his family.